Centre for Language Evolution Studies

Kontakt Faculty of Humanities
Collegium Maius, Room 26,
ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3, 87-100 Toruń

The science of language evolution: the state of the art and significance to language sciences

Agreement Number Source Programme Principal Investigator Years
UMO-2019/34/E/HS2/00248 National Science Centre (www.ncn.gov.pl) Sonata Bis 9
Sławomir Wacewicz 2020–2023

About the project

The aim of this project is to determine the position of the Science of Language Evolution (SLE) in contemporary science. The project consists of five major research tasks: (1) the analysis of the scope of SLE, (2) the analysis of central and peripheral ideas of SLE, (3) the analysis of the maturity and scientificity of SLE, (4) the analysis of the relation between SLE and language sciences, (5) the analysis of the influence of SLE on the understanding of the notion of “language”. The research provided for in the above tasks is based on both qualitative and quantitative methods, including analytical and descriptive (conceptual analysis, historical-comparative method, intellectual history approach) integrated with empirical methods, mainly scientometrics (topic modelling).