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Why speak politely? The evolutionary stability of expressions of gratitude

Agreement Number Source Programme Principal Investigator Years
PPN/BEK/2018/1/00382/U Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (www.nawa.gov.pl) The Bekker programme
Sławomir Wacewicz 2019


  • Muehlenbernd, R., Zywiczynski, P., & Wacewicz, S. 2019. „The Game Theory of Politeness in Language: A Formal Model of Polite Requests”. PsyArXiv
  • Muehlenbernd, R., Wacewicz, S., Zywiczynski, P. [submitted] „Politeness and reputation in cultural evolution”
  • Wacewicz, S. 2019. „Linguistic politeness as strategic behavior: (some) costs and benefits of polite language use.” Invited talk at SoMMa–Social Models of Meaning Acquisition – Warsaw University, 23-24.05.2019, Warsaw
  • Wacewicz, S., Zywiczynski, P. 2019. “A cost-benefit approach in everyday language use”; Protolang 6 (9-11.09.2019, Lisbon)
  • Invited advanced seminar (teaching): „An evolutionary, cost-benefit perspective on language use”, Department of General Linguistics, University of Tübingen. April – July 2019.


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