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Evolutionary sources of the cooperative structuring of conversation. The role of nonverbal mechanisms
Supported by grant UMO-2012/07/E/HS2/00671 (Sonata Bis 2) from the Polish National Science Centre.

Aims at:

  • investigating the role of a specific sub-type of nonverbal coordination - resonance of self-regulating movements - in conversation; investigating the potential role of low-level coordination behaviours (such as resonance of self-regulators) in language evolution, as a candidate mechanism for bootstrapping conversational cooperation
  • investigating the role of the morphology of the human eye in cooperation


  • 11 papers (incl. 2 in press): see Publications
  • a corpus of annotations of conversations for conversational turns and self-regulatory movements has been released publicly under the Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC): Corpus of annotations
Pantomime in language evolution: the expressive potential and structural characteristics of bodily-mimetic acts
EVO-POLITE: an evolutionary approach to linguistic politeness


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